Related Projects and Sites


Torc is a newly released project (Feb 2011) that has similar goals to that of RapidSmith. As described on its web site, "Torc is an open-source C++ infrastructure and tool set for reconfigurable computing. It is suitable for custom research applications, for CAD tool development, for architecture exploration, and for any application that needs to work with real-world physical device data."

The Torc and RapidSmith projects are working synergistically to bring about high quality open source FPGA CAD tools to the research community as we frequently exchange ideas and XDL-related information.


CHREC, the Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing (pronounced "shreck") is a center for research for FPGAs. CHREC is a cooperative research center (I/UCRC) of the NSF and helped fund the research that led to RapidSmith.

BYU's Configurable Computing Lab

BYU's Configurable Computing Lab has released projects such as the BYU EDIF tools and JHDL in addition to RapidSmith.

Getting Started With RapidSmith

The best place to start is in our documentation which will help you get RapidSmith up and running on your machine.

Next, check out the examples provided in the examples package to start learning how to write your own FPGA CAD tools.

RapidSmith Screenshots